Challenge Results: The Campers Turn to Speak

Challenge Results: The Campers Turn to Speak

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We received a bunch of responses to our request last time for people to share what they have been up to during this crazy time. We wanted to share them with you and hopefully you will see some that will help you make the most out of this big change in our normal routines.

GL wrote that “when in doubt, use what you have.” He has been biking a bunch and putting up his Eno hammock in the yard.

SS finds that exploring nature right around his house has been a great way to spend time when not doing school work. And helping more than before with his family’s house chores.

TL has been doing “an act of kindness” each day such as delivering eggs to others from his own backyard chickens. Do you deliver to North Carolina?! For fun, he has learned to play chess and started painting.

CF has made some camp style Pet Rocks and has found that Monopoly Deal is a great family game and “doesn’t take hours like the regular Monopoly”.

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JC has been learning to cook starting with some basic burgers and pasta and building from there. Great job! He is in South Africa and is using the time to learn a bunch of the history anc culture there.

EB decided to become nocturnal for a week!

HE has been doing to science experiments like creating a “nerf gun lego string shooter”.He put a video of how to do it on this YouTube link:

HM has been FaceTiming to keep in touch with friends and working on his basketball game. His motto has been “It is better to do something, than to do nothing.”

MD and a few other guys mentioned using their free time to exercise, do some workouts and stay in shape. That is a great idea for everyone - both for you body and your brain!

If you were inspired by something here, give it a try and let us know!

Your friends,

Andrew and Robert

About Robert Danos

Robert Danos, Mondamin’s year-round Program Director, is a Tulane graduate and Louisiana native who first came to North Carolina as a camper in 1979, and has been on staff for over 25 years. Before joining the year-round staff, Robert spent time both in teaching and child psychology. As Program Director, Robert is responsible for the smooth integration of the various activities at camp, ensuring that both 9 year old new campers and 16 year old veterans feel challenged and productive. He shares the responsibility for staff supervision and morale, and helps set the tone for camp in general.

Robert’s wife, Susan, spent eight years on staff at our sister camp, Green Cove, and they have two girls and a boy.

Robert Danos