Summer Camp Jobs

Wanted: People, young and old, in search of meaningful summer camp jobs. More personal rewards than you can imagine.

What’s In The Job?

  • Instruction responsibility: teaching kids in your activity or leading trips
  • Counseling responsibility: living and working with 5 or 6 kids directly
  • Participation and influence as a member of the camp community

Mondamin has a long standing tradition as an adventure summer camp for boys. Because a good summer camp counselor job is devoted full-time to kids, it can provide role models, time and opportunities that are difficult, if not impossible, to duplicate elsewhere.

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Mondamin is looking for mature, fun-loving, summer camp counselors who have a love for the outdoors and the desire and ability to communicate sound values and attitudes to young people. They should be able to teach one or more of our activities. The average age is about 25. The youngest is 18, and through a year of college. Our overall camper-to-staff ratio is better than four to one, which allows the counselor more opportunity to impact the experience of the kids.

We expect a great deal from our staff members, but also offer them a lot in terms of support, direction, and opportunity. Mondamin and our sister camp, Green Cove, own 800 acres, and are near several wilderness areas for paddling, hiking,biking and climbing (Pisgah National Forest, Nantahala River Gorge, etc.). Nearby cities include Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC. Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC are 2-3 hours drive.

The Camp & the Program

Mondamin is located in the mountains of western North Carolina, on 350-acre Lake Summit.

Non-regimented & Non-competitive

Non-regimented means that we like to give the camper as much choice as possible in daily activities. Activities are scheduled; campers (usually) are not. The system depends on alert, concerned counselors who know when and how to give guidance and encouragement. Children mature by learning independence, self-discipline and initiative, and that takes practice.

Our program de-emphasizes competition, since we believe that it is not necessary to inflict a defeat in order to win a victory; we believe effort and reward are related, and that the reward is sweeter when it is earned.

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Life Activities

We believe in taking the time to teach real skills which may be challenging to learn, but can last a lifetime. Our lifetime activities are sailing, swimming, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking and tennis. We engage in extensive wilderness tripping. We also teach crafts, archery and some sports.

We believe camp can be a very educational experience and can contribute greatly to a boy’s growth by providing stimulating, sympathetic, understanding adult contacts on a person-to-person level.

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Camper Counselor Relationships

Camp uses activities as a means of promoting profitable child-adult contacts. As a summer camp counselor, you are the key to that relationship. With one child, it will be easy and enjoyable; with another it will be difficult, slow and frustrating. The hard ones can be the most rewarding in the long run, but it will take patience, tact, skill, and more patience on your part.

We are an all-boys camp and feel that this type of experience affords kids an opportunity to expand their abilities without the typical social pressures. We do, however, have a sister camp, Green Cove, just down the lake from us and there are weekly functions which the two camps do together. But for the most part, we remain separate entities.