Program Overview

Mondamin is fun and adventure.

Our goal is to build self-esteem while teaching community living skills, respect for the environment, and a love for the outdoors. We work hard on cooperation, and don’t spend much time on competition, so there aren’t any cups or ribbons or medals. We believe effort and reward are related, and the reward is sweeter when it’s earned.

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When a camper first gets here, he’ll meet his counselor and his cabinmates.

He’ll have 5 or 6 other boys in the cabin, all about the same age, from a wide geographic area. The cabin counselor is like a big brother; he helps each camper work out his schedule, and get comfortable in the camp community.

Experienced staff lead and teach a variety of activities that emphasize outdoor adventure.

There are always activities for both the beginner and the advanced camper, so everyone progresses at their own pace. Some activities are scheduled a week in advance, some on the spur of the moment, but each camper has a lot of choice in what he does… Our program is structured, but not regimented.

Campers spend part of their session here at camp and part of their session out in the wilderness on trips.

Just like in-camp activities, there are beginner trips and there are advanced trips, so everyone gets to experience overnight camping. Each camper’s personal interests will influence just how much of his session is spent out on trips.