New Courts & Egypt Coming Together!

New Courts & Egypt Coming Together!

A long winter and now a Springtime sprint to be ready for camp

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A view of the new court asphalt, new wall, with basketball area in the background. Just waiting for paint and fencing!

(Above is the new & much larger porch of Eagle’s Nest & Tennesee with the zipline ladder now going right through a perch in the porch roof.)

If you missed our Fall post about big projects this year, we have been up to a lot. At this point everything above the Middler Cabins is history! All 3 old courts, the old Middler Egypt bath house, the fencing, cement walls, etc… are gone.

After all of it was removed the crew then actually scraped down about 3 feet of earth to give the whole area a somewhat bigger footprint to build on.

Now with winter having given way, we are moving towards putting the finishes on the new & improved peninsula:

There are 2 brand new tennis courts, side by side about where the 2 most used ones

20170426 115233.jpg?ixlib=rails 2.1
New Middler Egypt getting it's roof.


Then there is a 1/2 basketball court in the area where the “Lego court” used to be.

And lastly Middler Egypt is being replaced by a new, larger, more modern one very similar to the one added to Senior Hill a few years ago.

Then of course new fencing, walkways, etc… will go in at the end.

Be sure to come see them this summer!

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Climbing extraordinaire, Quinlan Canary helping out on the roof.
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Robert Danos, Mondamin’s year-round Program Director, is a Tulane graduate and Louisiana native who first came to North Carolina as a camper in 1979, and has been on staff for over 25 years. Before joining the year-round staff, Robert spent time both in teaching and child psychology. As Program Director, Robert is responsible for the smooth integration of the various activities at camp, ensuring that both 9 year old new campers and 16 year old veterans feel challenged and productive. He shares the responsibility for staff supervision and morale, and helps set the tone for camp in general.

Robert’s wife, Susan, spent eight years on staff at our sister camp, Green Cove, and they have two girls and a boy.

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