Mondamin Inspired Boredom Busters

Mondamin Inspired Boredom Busters

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Ok, boys, if you are like us, you are thinking of ways to be creative with your time when you are not doing your online school. Our kids are!

Would you send us some ideas of things you have thought of? Here are a few from us:

Learn some music Do you have a copy of the Mondamin songbook? If not, please email us and we would be very happy to send it you as an email attachment that you can print. You can email us at or Every song has the chords right in the songbook. Don’t know what that means? Well, grab a guitar, or just your voice and learn here: Beginner Guitar Lessons

Get Artistic Ready to learn some new artistic skills you didn’t already know you had? Go for it! Check out a few free lessons such as Lunch Doogles every day at 1:00 or some crafts projects with The Handwork Studio also at 1:00.

Go Camping You know how, even if it just in your backyard or your living room!

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Take a Tour National Parks, penguins, art - you’ll find several incredble tours on this one site: Virtual Tours Which is your favorite?

Time to Cook! Don’t know how or ready to step up your game? Either way, its a great way to help your family. This site is a great tool - you just tell it some ingredients that you already have in the house and it gives you recipes to work with how cool is that? Visit Super Cook

That’s just a few ideas from us. Please email us with some you have thought of! We would love to hear from you.

Your friends,

Andrew and Robert

About Robert Danos

Robert Danos, Mondamin’s year-round Program Director, is a Tulane graduate and Louisiana native who first came to North Carolina as a camper in 1979, and has been on staff for over 25 years. Before joining the year-round staff, Robert spent time both in teaching and child psychology. As Program Director, Robert is responsible for the smooth integration of the various activities at camp, ensuring that both 9 year old new campers and 16 year old veterans feel challenged and productive. He shares the responsibility for staff supervision and morale, and helps set the tone for camp in general.

Robert’s wife, Susan, spent eight years on staff at our sister camp, Green Cove, and they have two girls and a boy.

Robert Danos