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REMOTE LEARNING SURVIVAL GUIDE: If you are like our kids, you might be wanting to toss your computer out the window by now! This remote learning thing has gotten old for most of the guys we have talked to and that is understandable.

The question for Mondamin guys of course as always is how to make the best out of a situation. The school part of this craziness will be over soon and here are some ideas on how to conquer remote learning and make the best out of it. Here are some ideas, we would love to hear from you about any others you have discovered.

  1. MOVE between classes. Jumping jacks, going outside to shoot the basketball, taking the dog for a quick run - anything to get your body moving will help keep your body & brain in balance and make the day feel better.

  2. SCREEN SURVIVAL Take a break from the screen whenever you can. If you get a break, force yourself to take it away from the screen, your brain will thank you. Getting screen headaches or just tired eyeballs? Some people have found that the blue light-blocking glasses have helped.

  3. FORGIVE YOURSELF Some of you may have subjects that feel harder now than they did when you were in class in person. That is ok! No one expects perfection during this time. Do your best and know that everyone is having different challenges.

  4. OFFICE SPACE Just like getting ready for a camp trip, the more organized you are before school the more you will get out of it. Have your schedule set, have all of your stuff in one area and put any distractions away.

  5. THINK BEYOND YOURSELF Taking the time during a break or right after online school to treat someone else to an act of kindness can really lift your spirits. Help an elderly person with their groceries or yard. Facetime a relative who can’t leave their house. Write a letter of thanks to a nurse or doctor. Do something for your parents & family that you don’t normally do.

Have you thought of any others? Write us!

About Robert Danos

Robert Danos, Mondamin’s year-round Program Director, is a Tulane graduate and Louisiana native who first came to North Carolina as a camper in 1979, and has been on staff for over 25 years. Before joining the year-round staff, Robert spent time both in teaching and child psychology. As Program Director, Robert is responsible for the smooth integration of the various activities at camp, ensuring that both 9 year old new campers and 16 year old veterans feel challenged and productive. He shares the responsibility for staff supervision and morale, and helps set the tone for camp in general.

Robert’s wife, Susan, spent eight years on staff at our sister camp, Green Cove, and they have two girls and a boy.

Robert Danos