OK, boys, we know that most of you are about to start school or maybe already have.  The last session of what should have been the Summer of 2020 here at camp would end in just 3 days, So we thought this would wrap up the things we have been sending you since May to try and give you at least the feeling of camp.

We wish you all a good & healthy school year and we CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUMMER 2021 - Our 100th Anniversary!

VIDEO: The original Ultra Aqua Man, Mac Steele, was a long time camper and counselor.  He was famous for being able to hold his breath for a VERY long time.  He was able to find lost items at the bottom of the lake that no one else could!

He would sometimes hop in the lake after “Coke Dives” and come back up with a dozen at one time!

This video is to give you a few laughs and is his wish to you for a great school year:

About Robert Danos

I first came to Mondamin from South Louisiana as a camper in 1979 and spent the next 9 summers here all the way through our Counselor In Training program. While attending Tulane University, I was a counselor each summer and have now been on the year-round staff for over 30 years. Before joining the year-round staff, I spent time both in teaching and child psychology. .

My wife, Susan, spent eight years on staff at our sister camp, Green Cove, and we have two girls and a boy all of whom have attended Green Cove and Mondamin, respectively.

Robert Danos