Meet the First Counselors Signed up for Mondamin 2024!!

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We’ve been hard at work this summer reaching out to the best and brightest staff candidates for this first session of Mondamin’s 2nd century, and we’re pleased to show you the first big headline of these efforts! We’re extremely encouraged by these commitments as in previous years we have not had this many staff signed on until the winter. This is a big deal for us, and we hope you’ll agree.

Want to meet the first crop of our 2024 staff? Click on this link to read their bios:

We expect these leaders to set a high bar as the first staff of our 2nd century!

In their bios, you will see 2 of the 3 key “stool legs” that go into a great Mondamin staff:

  • Wonderful returning staff to help guide and mold the new.
  • A big pack of former campers ready to bring their love of Mondamin to today’s campers.
  • The 3rd leg will come when, as we move into the Fall, we start bringing in skilled and positive people from outside of our ranks so that fresh ideas and energy flow in each year.

The time is coming when we will ask YOU if you know of any such guys who would be a great match for Mondamin or if you have ties to an organization that might. But for now, we just hope you will get as energized for the start of our 2nd century as we are!

About Camp Mondamin

Freedom of choice and a non-competitive philosophy with extensive wilderness tripping and more! Founded in 1922, Mondamin is a unique summer camp for boys, ages 6 to 16, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

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