From Camp to Paris and Madrid and Back

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Jay Hutchinson was a longtime camper and CT and will be back for his 1st year on staff in 2024 after a freshman year at App State. For his senior year of high school, he took some of the adventurous spirit of Mondamin into the world by attending the World Class Kayak Academy, which combines academics and adventure and cultural travel. After taking classes while paddling around the world, he then ended his journey by backpacking and canyoneering in Europe and sent us this report!

“During our journey throigh Spain I was able to spend the day with Cinc Cox (another Mondamin camper) in Madrid. Strictly by circumstance we were both in Madrid at the same time and I reached out hoping to have a quick reunion. We talked extensively about our favorite camp memories and people we were looking forward to seeing again. We also talked about our kayaking goals for the summer of ’24. At the end of our lunch we made a rough plan to paddle together at the end of the summer. Just that one day eating with Cinc has made me even more excited to finally be a counselor. The fact that I get to be apart of such a incredible program fills me with pride.

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After my time in Spain I went to the south of France where my friend has family we spent considerable amounts of time climbing and bouldering in some of the local box canyons. This was an activity that I rarely did at Mondamin but was always interested in. After getting more into the sport I look forward to finally exploring the great climbing in and around camp on my off-days. In France I also visited Paris for a weekend to attend the many festivities associated with the Fête de la Musique, the annual French holiday celebrating the beginning of the official summer. In Paris I stayed with another Mondamin connection Merlin Lamoureaux. He was gracious enough to give both me and my friend a place to stay for the weekend along with allowing us into his own house.He also acted as our tour guide while in France showing us all of the historical sites as well all the places to go and listen to the many artists performing in the streets over the weekend.

I look forward to seeing them all again in Tuxedo, NC!

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