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New Brochure Is Here

New Brochure Is Here

Brand new brochure for Mondamin & Green Cove is done! Know any families that might like to receive a copy (includes a DVD also)? Let us know at ei...

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Mondamin tower in snow

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Mega Swing anyone?

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Does everyone have a lifejacket?

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Magic Triangle flurries

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Sleepy Hollow cabins

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Log North and Log South similar to when Chief lived in it over the winter

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Lake Summit with a blanketWestern North Carolina

Western North Carolina is known for having variable weather. We’ve had plenty of warm weather this year but not much winter. Sunday morning we got 2 i...

Our Own Super Hero!

Our Own Super Hero!

If you know Mondamin’s long time summer photographer, then you know that we already considered him a super hero. But now the Science Channel, home to ...

Alumni Weekend 2016

Alumni Weekend 2016

Alumni Weekend 2016 Alumni Weekend, which is an annual Labor Day event, was a big hit! Being our 95th birthday made it even more fun. Check out some ...